Benefits of Florida Expungement

Having a permanent criminal record can be very stressful, and can carry a heavy burden on your shoulder.  It can most definitely limit  your ability to obtain gainful employment and can make your life more difficult.  In order to gain a new lease on life without a past criminal record, you must take action to expunge your record.

There are a lot of benefits that you can have by obtaining a Florida Expungement.  Those benefits include:

  • Gain eligibility for student loan and grants
  • Gain eligibility for housing assistance
  • Gain eligibility for professional certifications
  • Gain eligibility for professional license

There are other benefits of obtaining a Florida Expungement of your criminal record. By obtaining an expungement of your Florida record, it will delete your criminal record and make it closed to everyone, including any government and public agency.  Even though a copy of your record is still retained by the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement), it will not become the subject of the “Public records” statute and “access to public records/meetings” section of the Florida Constitution.  Your record will only be disclosed if there is an order from a court of competent jurisdiction in your area.

To begin Florida Expungement, it is imperative that you discuss the process with a Florida lawyer experienced in obtaining criminal record expungements. Contact us today for a Free consultation and determine whether you are eligible for a Florida Expungement.