Aside from just getting peace of mind that you can put your criminal history behind you, there are many benefits to having your Florida record expunged, including:

  • Gain eligibility for student loans and grants
  • Gain eligibility for housing assistance
  • Gain eligibility for professional certifications
  • Gain eligibility for professional licenses
  • Tell employers or prospective employers that you have not been convicted of a crime
  • Tell family, friends, and co-workers that you have not been convicted of a crime
  • To stop being embarrassed when someone does a background check on you.

In addition to the benefits that a Florida expungement provides with friends, family, and professionally, a criminal record expungement in Florida also provides the following positives:

  • Your criminal record is physically destroyed by every criminal justice agency that has custody of the record
  • A copy of the criminal record will be retained by the FDLE, or Florida Department of Law Enforcement, but it will not be subject to the “public records” and “access to public records/meetings” provisions of the Florida statutes and Florida Constitution, except upon order of a court of competent jurisdiction.

If you would like to have your record expunged, it is important that you speak to a Florida Expungement Lawyer that can assist you to make sure that your record is expunged the first time without any problems.

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