Don’t Let Your De Funiak Springs Criminal Record Follow You Forever!

Once you have been arrested, you have a criminal record. Even if the charges against you are ultimately dismissed or if the Prosecutor at the State Attorney’s Office decides not to file charges, you still have a criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life. If this is the situation you find yourself in, a De Funiak Springs Expungement can help give you a peace of mind about your past.

Even worse, this criminal record is considered public record and can be seen by everyone, including:

  • potential employers
  • co-workers
  • friends
  • business associates
  • family

It goes without saying that having a potential employer, friend or family learn that you have a criminal record can be devastating, not to mention embarrassing. Often, potential employers will not hire anyone with a criminal record.

The process to obtain a De Funiak Springs expungement can be complicated. Worth, PA has expunged or sealed hundreds if not thousands of criminal records all over the State of Florida, including De Funiak Springs.

Call today for a Free expungment consultation.  Don’t let your past criminal record ruin your life.