Expungements in Florida

A background that has a past criminal record where you had been charged or arrested can have very long lasting impact in your life. It can affect your employment chances as well as affect the ability to enter college or obtain a professional license. If the act has been committed in the state of Florida, it goes to the public record and will remain there until you obtain a Florida Expungement to remove the record. Since an expungement is not available to everyone, it is important that you contact a Florida Expungement lawyer immediately to discuss your eligibility.

The process of obtaining an expungement in Florida is not a quick one, and it usually will take 4-6 months to successfully obtain an expungement. However, in order to obtain an expungement in Florida, you must not have been found guilty of the crime or pled “no contest” to the offense, as well as other circumstances which are not eligible.  It is important that you obtain advice for an experienced and qualified Florida Expungement lawyer before you spend the time and take the investment to go through the expungement process.

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