In Florida, everyone is not entitled to expunge your criminal record. You have to meet an exact set of criteria in order to be afforded the opportunity to expunge your Florida criminal record.

Florida law allows you to expunge your Florida criminal record history, including all non-judicial criminal records (agency & law enforcement) and judicial records, if you meet all of the below criteria:

    • You have NEVER obtained a previous expungement or sealing;
    • You have NEVER been adjudicated guilty of any criminal charge;
    • You are NOT currently under any type of supervision of the court, including house arrest, probation, or pretrial release;
    • You did NOT enter a plea of guilty or “nolo contendere” (No Contest) to an offense that is not eligible under Florida law to be expunged or sealed (you can view a list of crimes not eligible for expungement)

      If you meet all of the guidelines set forth above, you are eligible to have your Florida criminal record expunged.