Florida Expungement Lawyer

When you finally decide that you want to expunge your criminal records, the next step is that you must find a lawyer that understands the process of Florida Expungement. There are several steps and conditions that must be followed exactly if you want to successfully obtain an expungement of your record the first time without any unnecessary delays. The lawyer associated with Worth, PA are experienced in the expungement process in Florida and can assist from the first step to a successful conclusion.

Once your have retained the right lawyer to assist you with your Florida Expungement, there are several steps that must be followed to obtain successfully expunge your past criminal record. First, you must obtain an approval from state attorney on the petitioner’s application for certificate of eligibility.  Second, once you have the approval of the state attorney on the application, you have to submit it to the FDLE with the clerk of courts so that the judge may sign the certificate. Third, there is a possibility that you must submit additional documents to the court.  Forth, once you have the Certificate of Eligibility from the FDLE, you have to give it to the clerk of courts so the judge may sign the certificate.  Fifth, if it required, the next step will be to attend a hearing on the petition to expunge.  Usually a hearing is will be held depends on where do you live and the nature of the offense that you are seeking to expunge.   Finally, the last step to get a Florida Expungement is that you have to notify all of the proper government agencies that have a record of your criminal history that your criminal records have in fact been expunged. While the steps may not seem overly complicated, it is extremely important that all of them are followed properly.

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