Florida Expungement: Regain Your Normal Life

A pat criminal history can be a negative impact on your life.  It can remove the ability to maintain a normal life, earn a livelihood and support yourself and your loved ones.  With a criminal record, it may be difficult to obtain a solid career, obtain a scholarship or grant, or even obtain acceptance into a prestigious college or graduate school. Aside from this, a past criminal record can lead to embarrassment with family, friends, and colleagues.

In Florida, a person can obtain a Florida Expungement to clear their past criminal history.  With Florida Expungement, your records will be removed from the public eye and from criminal background checks. In most instances, it will allow you to state on an application for employment that you have never been arrested of a crime. If you have not obtained a previous expungement or sealing, never been adjudicated guilty of any criminal charges, entered a plea of guilty or “no contest” to an offense, and if you are not currently under any type of supervision of the court, including house arrest, probation, or pretrial release, than you are one step closer to become eligible to obtain a Florida Expungement.  If you are someone who meets all of those conditions, you should seek to expunge your records and get back to a normal life without the embarrassment of a past criminal history following you throughout your personal and professional lifetime.

A Florida Expungement lawyer is important step in the expungement process because they will assist you thought the entire process.  Therefore, it is always important to obtain legal advice before you consider an expungement of your Florida criminal record.

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