How to Initiate Florida Expungement Proceedings

Expungement is a term used to describe the removal or sealing of a past criminal record so that any further or future search for the past offense will no longer be available to the public. This is a civil action on the part of the person seeking Expungement for reasons as to allow immigration and to prevent deportation from the state. Since attempting a Florida Expungement is a legal proceeding and an application for expungement or sealing of a past criminal record must be made a part of the legal court record, it is something that the average individual should not attempt on their own. If you are considering whether to pursue an expungement of your Florida record, it is imperative that you contact an experienced Florida Expungement lawyer.

Since you are considering an expungement of your prior Florida criminal record, it is important that you consider how you actual initiate a Florida Expungement. The first step is that you must obtain approval from the State Attorney who will give you a certificate of eligibility. The second step is that you must submit your application for expungement to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The third step is that you must present your certificate of eligibility to the Clear of Courts so that it can be filed and signed by the Judge. The fourth step is that, if necessary, you must attend a hearing on your petition for expungement (this step is usually not required). The last step is that you must notify all of the pertinent governmental agencies about your expungement so that it can be removed from your criminal record.

In order to obtain an expungement the first time without the need to correct any incorrect forms or suffer any unnecessary delays in the process, it is critical that you retain a qualified Florida Expungement lawyer who can assist you with the expungement process. Without proper representation, your case can be flat-out rejected or, even worse, delayed longer than the process already takes. There are lawyers who have specialized in this practice who can give you the best possible to change of expungement the first time around.

Your criminal record will follow you for the virtually the rest of your life – even if your case was dismissed or if you were ultimately found not guilty. This can significantly impact your ability to retain gainful employment and can become a source of embarrassment. However, with an experienced Florida Expungement lawyer, you can take steps to remove your record and gain a sense of relief.

Contact a Florida Expungement lawyer today for a Free consultation and determine if you are eligible to expunge your record.