Is Your Record Eligible for Florida Expungement?

Did you have a one-night stand with the law when you were young and foolish or in your past life? Sleep in jail one night after a huge party in College? If so, you likely have a criminal record to reflect that one night of indiscretion. Unfortunately, once you have a criminal record, it follows you forever.  Some people will feel haunted by their criminal record. Florida Expungement can help solve this problem.

The worst part of having a past criminal record is that it can prevent serious difficulties in obtaining gainful employment. This is because some employment set forth a “no tolerance” standard for hiring employees with criminal records. It can also present problems with anyone attempting to obtain a professional license or certification.

In Florida, a Florida Expungement can help close your permanent record to the outside world. to expunge your records.  Unfortunately, however, there are several crimes that are not eligible for expungement.  If you pled “guilty” or “no Contest” to any of the charges below, you are not considered eligible for a Florida Expungement. Those crimes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Arson
  • Domestic Violence
  • Child molestation
  • aggravated assault
  • Drug trafficking
  • prostitution
  • aggravated battery
  • Sexual battery
  • pandering
  • aggravated stalking
  • homicide
  • lewd conduct
  • child abuse
  • murder
  • robbery
  • child sexual abuse
  • manslaughter
  • carjacking
  • child pornography
  • kidnapping
  • terrorism
  • elder abuse
  • illegal pornography
  • burglary.

Therefore, if you are convicted for any of the crimes above or pled “guilty”, you will not be eligible for a Florida Expungement of your record.

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