What Is Florida Expungement?

In Florida, “expungement” is the legal way to clean up your criminal record. While the criminal record does not magically disappear, it can no longer be accessed or viewed in background checks, for any type of civil purpose, or for other types of general law enforcement.  After your criminal record has been successfully expunged in Florida, most, if not all, of the expunged records are sent to a specialized department or facility that is used to house expunged records. It is important that you have a Florida Expungement Lawyer help you determine your eligibility for expungement and assist you throughout the process.

A criminal record can seriously restrict your life and affect your ability to do some of the following items:

  • obtain gainful employment
  • vote in an election
  • serve as a juror
  • maintain child custody or visitation rights
  • hold public office
  • serve as a credible witness
  • obtain a bank loan or legal residence
  • obtain a professional license or drivers’ license
  • serve in the military.

A Florida Expungement will help you avoid the economic, social, and legal issues of a criminal record in two ways:

  • Public background checks will show that you have no prior criminal record
  • You can legally say you have never been arrested or convicted

While most expunged records are never seen again, there is the possibility that the expunged records can be searched, retrieved and used at a later date. However, this is almost always done by a court order or some sort of statutory authorization. so the ordinary individual who has their records expunged should rest-assured that their criminal record is permanently hidden.

Everyone deserves the right to clean up their criminal record. If you are considering a Florida Expungement, it is imperative that you contact our office for a Free consultation so you can learn your rights and begin the process feeling secure that your expungement will be handled properly.